About Canton fair

Canton fair service广交会相关服务

  • offer exhibition card 代办观展证
  • offer purchaser card 代办采购商证
  • offer exhibitor card 代办参展商证
  • Arrange to send leaflets安排人员派传单







If you are the first time to visit /attend the fair,pls check content belowed.


Spring fair ( phrase one :4.15~19 phrase 2:4.23~27, phrase 3:5.1~5.5  )

春季广交会:(第一期:4月15 ~19 第二期:4月23~27 第三期:5月1~5)

Autumn fair(phrase one:10.15~19, phrase 2:10.23~27 phrase 3:10.31~11.4)

秋季广交会(第一期:10月15 ~19 第二期:10月23~27 第三期:10月31~11月4)

Material for badges: 办证所需材料

For foreigners(外商):

a 4X5cm sized blue or white pic , company business card and passport

charge:100rmb  (just one time)

validity: forever (as far as I know)


For translator: a 4X5cm sized blue or white pic and company business card and ID card

charge:350 rmb per day per time

validity: within one day (can apply for serval days which nothing change but charge)


like belowed:


but if you want to hire an assistant in your booth, the belowed badge needed( as each booth has 3 members for free)

charge: free ( as long as the people attended is within 3)

validity: for whole five days within the corresponding phrase, if next time, you still need the same,  you can just reactive it again. but over 3 people, it should charge.



but for the other shows except these two listed aboved can be free .

still questions? find me for help.


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